Refurbishing and upgrading is a new trend in today’s world, and people enjoy it when the clients come in with old items and fresh ideas. However, modifying Jewelry isn’t always simple, and the alternatives are unlimited. Please continue reading to find out more about what is true when it appears to upgrade your Jewelry.

New fashion trends are introduced on the catwalk every year, and the following year is no exception. We are glad to provide you with an insight into the jewelry developments such as the earring lifters we foresee in 2020 and insight into timeless Jewelry.

So, how would you pick and decorate Jewelry to match your personality and wardrobe? How can you make the most of your jewelry collection? Sometimes the answers aren’t evident. Here are five ways of making your Jewelry outstanding:

How are Stacking rings going to be trendy?

Combining multiple rings, whether stackable or mixture rings, is among the most popular styles in the jewelry industry. These are unique rings that may be constructed of various precious metals or colors and feature a diversity of patterns and structures. You may create a unique appearance every day by experimenting with different combinations. It’s not just stackable rings that appeal themselves to wearing in multiples. You can wear necklaces and bracelets together to significant effect—a lovely fashion that is all about individuality.

What’s the best way to integrate and match the rings? Naturally, numerous options depend on personal taste, but it’s essential to stick to a few guidelines to avoid going overboard.

Ever heard or tried swapping your Jewelry?

Color Swapping: A variety of techniques can be used to change the color of the metal. Most individuals choose to plate a non-permanent process of adding additional alloy to the Jewelry’s surface to change its color. Gold jewelry in various karat hues, rose gold, and rhodium, a silvery metal that provides the impression of white gold, can all be used for plating.

Jewelers can also oxidize, enamel, or e-coat Jewelry in addition to the plating,

  • Oxidation is a chemical reaction that darkens minor alloys such as copper, brass or silver over age, producing a tan that some people find appealing.
  • Enamelling is the process of applying challenging paint to Jewelry that is baked in place, allowing for excellent detailing.
  • E-coating, one of the latest jewelry processes, uses lacquer and ceramic particles to coat the entire piece in a semi-transparent color.

Style swap: Converting one style of Jewelry to another is the archetypal jewelry modification. It is something we hear a lot from customers who wish to turn vintage brooches into pendants! The jeweler studies the object to see if it can be transformed into anything else, removing extraneous components. They next find additional pieces in the suitable metal, for instance, pendant bails, ring hocks, and earring backs, and attach them to the design. You’ll have a thorough transformation, such as handcuffs to earrings or earrings to rings after the jeweler is finished.

Stone Swapping: Our customers enjoy changing stones, and for a good reason. A different hue, especially when combined with the metal color, can drastically transform the piece’s aesthetic. Some customers will provide the new stone themselves, while others would ask the jeweler to get samples for them.

Do you know the latest advancement with earrings?

Earring backs are available in various shapes and sizes for comfort and style, and altering the backside of an earring can transform your Jewellery look.

Earring Lifters are earring backs that substitute your current earring backs and alter the way earrings appear on you forever. You can now wear your beloved post earrings without fear if you have poorly positioned or strained piercings or extended and sagging earlobes. You can use them for a variety of purposes:

  • The earrings are hefty and dangle down.
  • Your earlobes are being pulled and stretched by your earrings.
  • Your earrings are drooping because of bad piercings.

Earring Lifters is a type of earring with a more significant, longer back that grips your lobe in many places. It provides more significant support and backing for your earrings. Your earrings will stay in position, facing forward, and will appear more attractive than before.

How About layering your favorite ornaments?

If you’re layering necklaces, choose lengths that pull the attention up to your face. Different shapes, colors, and textures are frequently practical. You can pretty much make arm pairs of other bangles and bracelets that will flash and jingling as you move. Rings can be mixed, matched, and stacked in a variety of creative ways.

If you already have over one set of ear piercings or want to mix ear cuffs with other earrings, you might try wearing multiple earring styles.

It’s simple: collect various pendants and necklaces in various lengths, textures, and styles, and experiment with different mixes seeing what works. Make a mental note of the combos you enjoy if it will help you recall them later. Using bangles and rings, repeat the process.

Have you ever asked your jeweler about the Halo setting?

The halo setting is a timeless form that results in particularly gleaming Jewelry. A halo is indeed a diamond arrangement in which a center jewel is surrounded by lesser stones, giving the illusion of a larger stone. The word “halo” refers to a light phenomenon in the atmosphere that appears as whitish or colored rings all around the sun or moon. Rings with this design are also known as “halo rings” because they resemble a halo of light.


Depending on the customer’s requirement, upgrading jewelry might include stone substitution to modify the setting style. Using few ideas like using earring lifters might enhance your jewelry style. Also, if you have a variety of ornaments that you no longer use, don’t toss them out or donate them to relatives; instead, adapt them to your needs. Hopefully, you have a better knowledge of how to modify Jewelry. It’s possible to repurpose your items in various ways, whether utilizing older stones in a new context or altogether changing the item type. So, what’s your next move in terms of upping the ante for your Jewelry?

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